The Sinner’s Guide To Natural Family Planning by Simcha Fisher – A Review

If you are struggling with NFP and feel like you are all alone out there, this is likely a great book for you. If you have been using NFP for long enough that you know that it is a struggle and that there are other people out there like you, this book might be just more of what you already know.

Christmas Markets in Vienna eBook – A Review

I read the whole thing, in about an hour, and I was sad when I got to the end and realized If I wanted to get more Christmas market experience I would likely have to buy a plane ticket. The only thing missing from the book were the actual smells and tastes, but then there is a goal for the next book they put out.

Battlehymn (Crown of Exiles) – A book Review

Battlehymn by Zachary Ricks My rating: 5 of 5 stars I really enjoyed this book. I don’t say that about many things, because really I don’t really enjoy a lot of them. I might enjoy them, but this one was different, this story was something special. This was a fantastic romp into a world thatContinue reading “Battlehymn (Crown of Exiles) – A book Review”

Mik Murdoch Review

This morning I interviewed my son Chris, after he read Mik Murdoch. He really enjoyed the book. We hope you enjoy the interview. I apologize for the sound quality my microphone is broken so we had to resort to another one. Listen to the Interview Here You can pre-order a copy of the book here.Continue reading “Mik Murdoch Review”