Barely Controlled Chaos 01/06/21

Talking about Christmas and Stokoe farms. Candlemas is a Christian holiday occurring annually on February 2 that is commemorating the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple when he was a baby. It occurs 40 days (inclusively) after Christmas Day. In some churches, it is celebrated on a nearby Sunday. The term “Candlemas” (meaning CandleContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 01/06/21”

The Spray Cheese Legacy

The Spray Cheese Legacy A Short Story (and a prediction of the future for our children) Dedicated to my wife and Children “So what is bothering you?” His wife asked. “I don’t know this whole big production for dinner just seems off some how.” “Geeze, not that again. We have been married for three yearsContinue reading “The Spray Cheese Legacy”

12 Christmas Movie Spoilers

Everyone likes a good Christmas movie, but everyone loves to hate spoilers, so I thought I would put them together and we would come up with something that everyone could agree to disagree on.

Christmas Markets in Vienna eBook – A Review

I read the whole thing, in about an hour, and I was sad when I got to the end and realized If I wanted to get more Christmas market experience I would likely have to buy a plane ticket. The only thing missing from the book were the actual smells and tastes, but then there is a goal for the next book they put out.

Christmas, Easter and the other important Holiday

Yes, I realize the irony in what I just said. The Holy Spirit has not physical manifestation. But, in truth, that we as humans have a hard time getting our minds around something that we can’t see or touch.