The Spray Cheese Legacy

The Spray Cheese Legacy

A Short Story (and a prediction of the future for our children)

Dedicated to my wife and Children

“So what is bothering you?” His wife asked.
“I don’t know this whole big production for dinner just seems off some how.”
“Geeze, not that again. We have been married for three years now, you need to get over that.”
“Yeah I know, but it is hard.”
“What would you have us do instead? No don’t answer that.”
“But Honey that is what we always did. I mean it was a tradition.”
“Your family was crazy. That is all I have to say. Everyone around the world has a big dinner on Christmas. That is just what you do.”
“That is not what we did.”
“I know, and it was weird.”
“Well I think this is weird. You are all stressed out and have spent all day cooking, why do you have to make it such a big production?”
“Because that is what NORMAL people do.”
“Then I don’t want to be normal,” he said as he snatched a cracker from the tray.
“Hey, that is for dinner.”
“Yeah I know.”
He slipped into the kitchen and found what he was looking for. Turning the can upside down he pushed the nozzle and a stream of cheese spurted on his cracker.
“You are not eating that spray cheese again are you? You are going to ruin your appetite.” She hollered from the dining room.
“Of course not dear,” he said around a mouth full of cracker. Then after a deep sigh of contentment, he muttered to himself “It is not Christmas without spray cheese.”

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