Barely Controlled Chaos 01/17/21 Zeal

I tried hard to talk about zeal, while I work on dinner and my kids interrupt me. By the way, yes I missed posting a video yesterday. Only 18 days into the year and I have already missed one. I went through the whole day thinking Sunday was the 18th and it was not untilContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 01/17/21 Zeal”

What the Pope Said

All three of the last three popes had different styles. Pope John Paul II helped bring the teaching of the Church to Her members. Pope Benedict XIV was an academic and he helped us to understand why the things that Pope John Paul II showed us were true, by digging into the history and doctrine of the church. Pope Francis builds on both of these by taking what both of them have done and showing us how to apply it to our lives.

Christmas, Easter and the other important Holiday

Yes, I realize the irony in what I just said. The Holy Spirit has not physical manifestation. But, in truth, that we as humans have a hard time getting our minds around something that we can’t see or touch.