Christmas Markets in Vienna eBook – A Review

Christmas Markets in Vienna

By Katharina and Mick Bordet


Five out of Five Stars

If you are like me, you might be a little sentimental for the “old days.” Especially around the holidays. For me a lot of what the “old days” means is remembering growing up in Germany. What can I say, I am a sentimental sap. But when it comes to things that I remember best about living there, Christmas time is high on the list. Meeting my wife-to-be and skiing are also high on the list, but Christmas time is pretty darn close to the top.

Some of my favorite, sights, smells, experiences, and of course tastes came from the Christmas Markets that you can find pretty much in every town and village throughout Western Europe. So when I was given the chance to get a peek into the new book Christmas Markets in Vienna By Katharina and Mick Bordet, I jumped at the chance.

WARNING: If you like mulled wine (Gluhwein) you might want to cook up a batch of it before you start reading this book, because if not by the time you get to the end you are going to wish you had.

This book is part guide book, part map, and part beautiful picture book. Each Christmas Market in the Vienna area is given it’s own section, with descriptions of when it is open, if there is a cost to get in, what kinds of things that you might find there, and even links to maps that will help you get there. Believe me there was a serious case of, how come there is not a bridge from the states to Europe going on while I was reading and using the maps. You can also find the links to each of the Market’s official websites. For us “state side” that is likely not all that helpful, but if you happen to be in Vienna during Christmas time next year, you know where to go. Even if you have never been to one of the Christmas markets you have likely seen them on TV or have heard about them. But in case you haven’t this book will solve that problem. For the rest of us. This book will make you “homesick” if anything will, and in the best possible way.

Both Katharina and Mick wrote about their experiences in each of the markets, and it was great to get their opinions, what they were looking for and what they found. I really appreciated the fact that they told you which ones had the most tourists and when you might be able to visit to avoid the biggest crowds.

Then there were the pictures. Pictures of the stalls and the wears, pictures of the market itself, and pictures of the locations. This was particularly breath taking where some of the markets are in castles and monasteries.

The book is relatively short, and I have to say that is probably the only downfall. I read the whole thing, in about an hour, and I was sad when I got to the end and realized If I wanted to get more Christmas market experience I would likely have to buy a plane ticket. The only thing missing from the book were the actual smells and tastes, but then there is a goal for the next book they put out.

The book is available in both English and German, so you can take your pick on what version you want. My German is a little (a lot) rusty so I stuck with the English version. It is only available in ebook formats so you can’t get a hard copy of this book, but it is available for all your favorite ebook formats from all your favorite ebook markets so no matter what device you have you can get a copy of it. Christmas Markets in Vienna

From the “dust jacket”

Vienna is a city that embraces the celebration of Christmas, nowhere more so than in the sheer number and variety of Christmas markets to be found nestled in front of its stunning architecture and along its cobbled streets.

Whether you want to enjoy a mulled wine in front of the spectacular city hall or find a hand-crafted Christmas decoration in the grounds of the imperial palace, taste traditional Austrian gingerbread or cuddle an alpaca, the information you need is right here. This guide takes a tour of these traditional markets, full of crafts, gifts and the flavours of Christmas.

Mick and Katharina provide reviews for all the markets in the city, as well as several more must-see locations outside Vienna, illustrated with photographs and including opening hours, locations and links to some of the things you’ll see at each one.

Essential reading for anyone visiting Vienna in the winter.

Our new Christmas Market guide is now available in English and German!

In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a copy of this book free of charge as a preview copy. Having said that I would have gladly paid the meager price of $3.99 to get a copy of it. Nostalgia or no, it is a beautiful book and fully worth the price.
Christmas Markets in Vienna

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