Starting Over Again Part 2 – Homestead for sale.

The first step in the starting over process was making the decision. We have done that. Then we had to start looking for a new home. We have done that too. We actually put in an offer on a new place last week. It was accepted and we are moving forward with it. It isContinue reading “Starting Over Again Part 2 – Homestead for sale.”

Twas The Night Before Father’s Day

This idea was totally my kids. They dreamed up the whole thing and let me in on the idea just before dinner Saturday night. So after dinner and evening Chores we got it filmed and ready to go. Thanks guys you did a great job. I hope you enjoy this special Father’s day episode ofContinue reading “Twas The Night Before Father’s Day”

Green House Built – Part 2

The Winter Growing Season is almost upon us, so it was time to finish up out greenhouse… well sorta. we did make a lot of progress, but as you will see, we ran into a bit of a snag. But we will be finished with it soon. This is the video that gave me theContinue reading “Green House Built – Part 2”

Barely Controlled Chaos Jan 1 2021

As I mentioned, I am going to start doing a video every day. Today is the first day.