These Little Pigs

Because the pigs we bought for breeding, don’t seem to be breeding, our breeding program has not gotten off the ground so we needed to take a “bold” step. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

Barely Controlled Chaos 05/19/21 – Gloomy Day

** WARNING **I talk about farm related death again on today’s video. If you don’t want to hear about that you might want to skip this video. You have been warned** WARNING** We had another death on the homestead last night. One of the little piglets died it was the runt, she (I didn’t sexContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 05/19/21 – Gloomy Day”

Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker

We made a decision and sold our remaining goat instead of trying to get him a companion. With the idea that we would switch back to milk goats. Also, we were surprised with the gift of a deer from our neighbour, so what do we do, we make some smoked jerky with a homemade smoker.Continue reading “Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker”

Let’s Try This Again, Pig Moving

This is our second attempt at moving out pigs over to the garden area. This worked a bit better than last time, but still not great. We are learning but learning slowly. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: YouTube:

Saturday Morning Chores

As is quickly becoming the norm, we have a lot to do around the homestead on Saturday. So we bring you along and give you an update on our new-ish animals. If you have suggestions about the pigs, please leave a comment.. Information and basic idea for my Chicken Tractor came from: Facebook: INSTAGRAM:Continue reading “Saturday Morning Chores”

Into the Chaos – PIGS!

As with most things in our life, things didn’t go 100% to plan. We started making a plan, and that plan fell apart so we made a new plan… wash, rinse, repeat. And yes, this weekend, despite everything I talk about at the beginning of the video, we got a couple of commercial pigs. ThereContinue reading “Into the Chaos – PIGS!”