These little Piggies Went to Market

Take 2 200+ Lbs pigs who are uncooperative, add a guy who really doesn’t; know what he’s doing, make it rain, add lots of mud and cold, and let the fun begin. This marks the completed cycle of another new animal on our homestead. Based on our “adventures” you might consider this a success orContinue reading “These little Piggies Went to Market”

Into the Chaos – PIGS!

As with most things in our life, things didn’t go 100% to plan. We started making a plan, and that plan fell apart so we made a new plan… wash, rinse, repeat. And yes, this weekend, despite everything I talk about at the beginning of the video, we got a couple of commercial pigs. ThereContinue reading “Into the Chaos – PIGS!”