Into the Chaos – PIGS!

As with most things in our life, things didn’t go 100% to plan.

We started making a plan, and that plan fell apart so we made a new plan… wash, rinse, repeat.

And yes, this weekend, despite everything I talk about at the beginning of the video, we got a couple of commercial pigs. There are a lot of reasons to make sure you are prepared. Even in normal times, it is a good idea to have food stocked up in case of an emergency or job loss or hospitalization or really anything. But as current events have taught us, (and by us I mean us here in the US and much of the rest of the Western world) food security during times of crisis, is not always a guarantee. I am not going to get all political, I am just going to say that being prepared is not a bad thing. I have mentioned this video by the folks at Living Traditions Homestead before, “Everybody Must Do Something” It is not a political statement, but just suggests that you need to think about where your food is coming from and take control of that in some small measure. And the two pigs we bought this weekend are a part of that.
As I talk about in the video, we plan to do a much more sustainable breeding program so that we are not reliant on other farms to get our pigs, but you have to start somewhere and these two pigs are that starting somewhere. So while they had not initially been on our plans, maybe they should have been.


My Shirt:
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