Barely Controlled Chaos 05/19/21 – Gloomy Day

I talk about farm related death again on today’s video. If you don’t want to hear about that you might want to skip this video. You have been warned

We had another death on the homestead last night. One of the little piglets died it was the runt, she (I didn’t sex the pigs so I call them all her until I have sexed them) and she had been having trouble since we brought them home, I even spent time trying to bottle feed her last night, but she was just too weak. So I kind of knew this was coming.
Death of an animal always sucks. I will always maintain that. Even when it is getting to the point of butchering them. I don’t like the killing part. I feel like if you do like that part, well then maybe… I will just let that line of thinking go, and just leave it at, I don’t like that part. Having said that, it is much better to loose one at this point instead of two or three months down the road when we have invested a bunch of time and effort, not to mention money into them. That sounds really callous, but it is a reality.

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