It Finally Happened

We have been anticipating breeding pigs and having piglets for a couple of years now. Earlier this year we were finally able to get a boar to breed our two sows. The day we have been working toward for a while has finally arrived. We have piglets! For people who have been doing this forContinue reading “It Finally Happened”

The Challenges of kids on the Homestead

Kids are their own challenge. We love our kids very much, and love having them around and helping on the homestead, but here are some of the homestead-specific challenges that we have faced. Some you might expect and some you might not. Thank you to homesteady for the idea for this video If you areContinue reading “The Challenges of kids on the Homestead”

Greenhouse Build Part 1

Among other things, we got started on our greenhouse. lots of chaos as we get things done around the house, which all the extra turmoil of having a new family member. Kate and I did a little hunting and might have spotted some new wildlife in our woods. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: LivingContinue reading “Greenhouse Build Part 1”

The Hobby Farm and the Real Hobby Farm

When we moved from central Florida to Westen New York, one of the reasons we moved here was because we wanted to be able to do some small scale farming, or at least have a garden. We have tried various times to make this work and always had some trouble. I think most of thatContinue reading “The Hobby Farm and the Real Hobby Farm”