Keep Moving Forward

I spend a few minutes giving you an update on how each of our animals is doing. Then Liam and I go out to repair that fence, cut up that tree that caused the fence problem, and start work on yet another project. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

Loft Bed build

These beds have been a long time coming. We had promised the girls when we moved in they could get new beds and well it was just one of the projects that kept getting put off. The bed frames themselves are pretty straight forward, but it is always good to have instruction. So, if youContinue reading “Loft Bed build”

Greenhouse Build Part 1

Among other things, we got started on our greenhouse. lots of chaos as we get things done around the house, which all the extra turmoil of having a new family member. Kate and I did a little hunting and might have spotted some new wildlife in our woods. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: LivingContinue reading “Greenhouse Build Part 1”