Loft Bed build

These beds have been a long time coming. We had promised the girls when we moved in they could get new beds and well it was just one of the projects that kept getting put off.

The bed frames themselves are pretty straight forward, but it is always good to have instruction. So, if you want to learn more about the design, you can look back at the post when we built ones like them for the first time.
The plans themselves will cost you a couple of bucks (not to me) but I think it is important to support the folks who created them. Unfortunately the bed plans no longer seem to be available. I checked the link I had in the original post, but their website, while it still has the original URL seems to have removed the content related to the beds. I will do a video later this week (so you’ll get two videos this week) with some more details, measurements and such about how to get these made if you are interested.


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