Snow Days

Like everyone else, we are dealing with snow this week. You’d think that folks from the Snowbelt would be better prepared. Not that we didn’t appreciate the snow, but there are some challenges we thought we’d left behind. If the meal I described at the end sounds good to you, here is where you canContinue reading “Snow Days”

Keep Moving Forward

I spend a few minutes giving you an update on how each of our animals is doing. Then Liam and I go out to repair that fence, cut up that tree that caused the fence problem, and start work on yet another project. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

All About The Rabbits

As promised, I spend some time this week talking about our rabbits. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: The living traditions homestead series that gave me the courage to try rabbits The Rabbitry Center who I have gotten a lot of information from lately