Twas The Night Before Father’s Day

This idea was totally my kids. They dreamed up the whole thing and let me in on the idea just before dinner Saturday night. So after dinner and evening Chores we got it filmed and ready to go. Thanks guys you did a great job. I hope you enjoy this special Father’s day episode ofContinue reading “Twas The Night Before Father’s Day”

Teen Dating for Girls- Part II

Originally posted on Theresa Thomas:
Yesterday I posted the first installment of Teenage Dating for Girls, and within hours I had more than 900 hits on the article. I take it that parents find this topic important. That makes me happy! Caring parents are looking for support and encouragement! Although our individual rules may differ,…

Teenagers – Oh the Horror

*** This rant is brought to you by the third person today that I saw post something about this.*** If you are the parent of one child who is dreading the teenaged years you might want to stop reading this right now, I am probably going to make you angry. Better yet, read this post.Continue reading “Teenagers – Oh the Horror”