Twas The Night Before Father’s Day

This idea was totally my kids. They dreamed up the whole thing and let me in on the idea just before dinner Saturday night. So after dinner and evening Chores we got it filmed and ready to go. Thanks guys you did a great job. I hope you enjoy this special Father’s day episode ofContinue reading “Twas The Night Before Father’s Day”

Dad Quest 1: To Nap Or Not To Nap

Dad is trapped on a Sunday afternoon. Mass is over everyone is home, chores have been done, and it is too cold to work outside. There are at least 10 minutes before he had to start his next task. Just time enough of a quick nap. This silly little video was just for fun andContinue reading “Dad Quest 1: To Nap Or Not To Nap”

Guess what. It is a Baby

Hey everyone. We had a surprise early delivery on Sunday morning and our new son [insert properly Irish first name] [insert properly biblical middle name] Hite was born about 3 am Sunday morning. Mom and baby are doing well, though both will be in the hospital for a few days because of the “surprise” delivery.Continue reading “Guess what. It is a Baby”

Why I don’t want to Potty Train my daughter

We also are cloth diaper people so, on top of changing them, we also have to rise, wash, dry, fold and put them away. With more than one kid in diapers most of the time, that means washing diapers almost every other day. And I will state it again just for good measure, For the last 15 years.

I am Dad, and I do not baby sit

Just a quick update. Tonight my lovely wife is taking the evening to spend some time with other moms in our area in the monthly Mom’s night out. They get together and discuss issues of homeschooling, motherhood, and a whole range of other topics. This means that I am home with the kids. But IContinue reading “I am Dad, and I do not baby sit”