Starting Over … Again?

A long time ago… in a place far far away… THE GREATHITES That is how all great stories start, right? In this case, it is not all that epic, but still at least mostly true. Almost 20 years ago now, we bought our house in New York and started our adventures in homesteading. About 3Continue reading “Starting Over … Again?”

Cheese making Try 2

Our First attempt at making cheese was not a success. But we tried again, this time with regular cows milk, just to make sure we COULD actually make cheese. As promised, here is the recipe we used.

Making Goat’s Milk Cheese

We tried making goat’s milk cheese for the first time, and it worked out pretty well. This was a lot of fun and really tasted pretty good. I tried to keep it as simple as possible this time because we just wanted to make sure it would work. Next time we’ll try some different things,Continue reading “Making Goat’s Milk Cheese”

A Reading List for The Young Adult in Your Life

Just in time for all those long car trips, and hours spent with family I bring you a short reading list for the young adult in your life, that is not riddled with “young adult” books but should still be incorporate for the slightly younger set.