Parenting Advice

In this video I go on a little bit of a rant about parenting advice. I don’t actually give any parenting advice, other than to stop listening to all that parenting advice.

I want to make it clear, there is good parenting advice out there, and you might find something that you hear helpful, but so, so, so much of it is just bad, bad, bad. Sometimes it is unnecessary, some of it is meant as a criticism and, who are they, the person giving you the advice, to criticize how you are raising your kids. Sigh! So yeah.

Parenting advice.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Advice

  1. Ha, parenting advice be darned. If only I spent all that parenting book money on an all inclusive resort. We learn our kids as we go, we learn ourselves as we go too. No formula.

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