The Gnome – A Short Story

“You people think we just stand in your gardens all day long, but those aren’t gnomes. Those are wee people. ¬†They got nothing in common with us.” He said stroking his long bright green beard.”


What a wonderful invention. I Honestly can’t imaging a world before diapers, but it mus have been a lot dirtier and smellier. The more I look into history the more I realized that until the last century, much of the world was probably a much smellier place. We use cloth diapers for a lot ofContinue reading “Diapers”

A writing question – do you need a timeline?

Question for all you writers and readers out there: I have a number of short stories that fit into the same universe, but… A) The universe is very large and spread out (huge time line.) B) The stories can really kind of stand on their own without the rest of the universe though there areContinue reading “A writing question – do you need a timeline?”


I know in my warnings on the right over here, —> I say that I am a space science geek, but I left out that I am also a history geek. I really love history, especially The period starting with the rise of the Greeks to about the beginning and into the the “Dark ages”Continue reading “History”