A Reading List for The Young Adult in Your Life

Just in time for all those long car trips, and hours spent with family I bring you a short reading list for the young adult in your life, that is not riddled with “young adult” books but should still be incorporate for the slightly younger set.


I know in my warnings on the right over here, —> I say that I am a space science geek, but I left out that I am also a history geek. I really love history, especially The period starting with the rise of the Greeks to about the beginning and into the the “Dark ages”Continue reading “History”

Learning Latin

Last week I talked about taking a bigger role in home schooling our children. I started this process by spending some time in the mornings with my older boys. Mostly getting them started on the work that they needed to do, and adding a few things that they needed work on. (Essay writing for example.)Continue reading “Learning Latin”