Why I don’t want to Potty Train my daughter

100_2961One of the things I look forward to least of all about kids is potty training. Diapers are messy, they tend to smell bad, and getting kids out of diapers is always a relief, but that period in the middle where you are teaching them to use the bathroom verses just going in their diaper is just the worst.

Having had a pretty good smattering of both boys and girls to potty train, I can tell you that without a hesitation our girls have been easier to potty train. I know there are some psychological and physiological reasons for this but I am just glad that they train easier.

This being said, I am not looking forward to potty training our littlest one. She is already showing signs that she is ready. She will take her diaper off then she is wet (and run around naked.) She has even been seen climbing up on the toilet. On top of that, my wife and I have been “changing butts” as we call it, for 15 years straight. We have never had a time in our married life (since our son was born just about ten months after we were married) that we were not changing diapers. 2012-02-19 02.38.18 We also are cloth diaper people so, on top of changing them, we also have to rise, wash, dry, fold and put them away. With more than one kid in diapers most of the time, that means washing diapers almost every other day. And I will state it again just for good measure, For the last 15 years.

So why would I be reluctant to get my youngest one out of diapers? You would think that I would be jumping for joy at the idea. Especially since, as I said she seems to be ready and she very well could be very easy to train. But I’m not. The reason is more than a little silly, but some times those are the most powerful reasons of all.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am a sentimental sap. Potty training our little girl means that we don’t have a baby any more. The transition from wearing diapers to not, is a serious mile stone in marking a child’s journey from infant to child to eventually adult. Just like we have been changing diapers for the last 15 years, we have always had a baby for the last 15 years.

Plot BunniesThere are negatives to having a baby around. Yes, I will admit that having a baby is not all sunshine and roses. There are sleepless nights, there are messes to clean up, there are nights spent on the bathroom floor, with a sick kid who can’t breath quite right and can’t tell you what is wrong. Having said all of that, I love having babies around. They are not a cramp in my lifestyle, they are my life style, and I will really miss it when it is finally gone.

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