Writing Prompt Week 11

It is Monday again, which means it is time for another writing prompt. This week I am going to skip the conversation and, going to give you an idea to work with. Imagine you live on a planet that was the last in a string to be colonized by Earth. You have near light speedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Week 11”

Writing Prompt Week 10

I am a little behind this week, it is already Tuesday and I have not gotten the writing prompt up for this week. But that is about to change. Besides it is not like I didn’t give you something inspiring to look at yesterday. Once again we go with a conversation. “George, sing me aContinue reading “Writing Prompt Week 10”

Weekly Writing Prompt #7

This is week #7. OK I am calling it #7 even though I don’t know for sure. One of the things that I like about having my site, is that I can go back through the posts and see what I have already written. So on with the writing prompt. My theme today seems toContinue reading “Weekly Writing Prompt #7”

Story Idea

My son planted a story Idea in my head this morning, and I thought it would be fun to follow up with it. I would love to hear your ideas, so please feel free to share. The basic idea was what if the 6 fingered man had not killed Inigo’s father? Of course you startContinue reading “Story Idea”