The Little Things

For the last week I have been obsessing over a problem. It is something that is truly frustrating. Something that my reaction to only made worse. So I have been obsessing about it. I have been worrying and complaining and thinking about it all the time. It has stopped me from writing, it has stopped me from talking to other people for fear of making things worse, it has just stopped me in my tracks.

Writing Prompt Week 11

It is Monday again, which means it is time for another writing prompt. This week I am going to skip the conversation and, going to give you an idea to work with. Imagine you live on a planet that was the last in a string to be colonized by Earth. You have near light speedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Week 11”

Writing Prompt Week 10

I am a little behind this week, it is already Tuesday and I have not gotten the writing prompt up for this week. But that is about to change. Besides it is not like I didn’t give you something inspiring to look at yesterday. Once again we go with a conversation. “George, sing me aContinue reading “Writing Prompt Week 10”

On Getting Something Done

Don’t let the title of this post confuse you. I didn’t actually finish anything, but I did make a good run at getting something started. As I have mentioned before I get story ideas at odd times, and if I don’t let them out, and write them down then tend to drive me crazy. lastContinue reading “On Getting Something Done”