Writing Prompt Week 8

I some how missed last week’s writing prompt and I almost forgot this week’s as well. So this week you get two writing prompts. One today and one tomorrow.

Picture 34

“They say wisdom comes to those who wait, but I am tired of waiting. All we do is wait, wait, wait, I want some lunch.”
Emily rolled her eyes, “Jarod, would you sit back down. Lunch isn’t even for another 30 minutes and even if you go there they are not going to serve you yet. You should know they by now.”
“I guess I just have not waited for enough wisdom.”
“Both of you be quiet.” Roger said as he held up his hands for quiet.
“What now oh wise and powerful one?”
“If the two of you would shut up maybe I could figure it out.” There was a long pause while Roger listened to the silence of the ship coasting through space. “Yup there it is.” He said finally, two seconds before the alarms started going off.


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