Weekly Writing Prompt #7

Picture 35This is week #7. OK I am calling it #7 even though I don’t know for sure. One of the things that I like about having my site, is that I can go back through the posts and see what I have already written.

So on with the writing prompt. My theme today seems to be life interupted so that is what we are going with, as far as a writing prompt as well.

There are a lot of ways that you can interrupt life, and in general that is what fiction is. Taking a character out of their comfort zone and interrupting their life. So today I want you to take a spy (think James Bond) your spy has a pretty exciting life, but when you take him or her out of their comfort zone what happens? Today, there is no adventure, no mission, no anything. They have a to do list that includes things like getting milk at the store and repairing that squeaky door.

Good luck

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