Writing Prompt Week 10

Picture 35I am a little behind this week, it is already Tuesday and I have not gotten the writing prompt up for this week. But that is about to change. Besides it is not like I didn’t give you something inspiring to look at yesterday.

Once again we go with a conversation.

“George, sing me a song.”
“You know I don’t do that anymore, Laura.”
“I know but you used to sing such beautiful songs.”
“Yes, but I can’t anymore and you asking over and over again is not going to change that.”
“I am sorry, George, but I really miss you singing. It used to be so beautiful.”
“Well, I can’t do it anymore. They took that module when I tired to sing lullabies to the guards.”
“Yeah, I remember. That almost worked, too.”
“If only that one guy hadn’t started asking about why you would put a baby in a cradle up a tree.”

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