The Announcement

So it is with a heave heart that I say goodbye to Flying Island Press. The new Managing Editor, Philip Carroll, is a great man and has been a friend of mine for a long time. I know he will do great things with it. I wish him and the rest of the crew the best of luck in the future. I hope that they can continue to take fiction where we all want to go.

Writing Prompt Week 11

It is Monday again, which means it is time for another writing prompt. This week I am going to skip the conversation and, going to give you an idea to work with. Imagine you live on a planet that was the last in a string to be colonized by Earth. You have near light speedContinue reading “Writing Prompt Week 11”

Flying Island Press – A Look To the Past and To the Future

This week Flying Island Press took a few minutes to talk about why we got started. What our mission is and how we are going to go forward. We have from day one, been about producing quality science fiction and fantasy with a positive spin (so nothing too dark and leaves you feeling better thanContinue reading “Flying Island Press – A Look To the Past and To the Future”