Snow Days

Like everyone else, we are dealing with snow this week. You’d think that folks from the Snowbelt would be better prepared. Not that we didn’t appreciate the snow, but there are some challenges we thought we’d left behind. If the meal I described at the end sounds good to you, here is where you canContinue reading “Snow Days”

A Day in The “Winter” Life

Things don’t always go as planned. This video, for instance, took much longer to get all the pieces and parts of it planned. But as you can see we have been pretty busy keeping up with all the work around here. Join us as we share what has been going on in these winter weeks.Continue reading “A Day in The “Winter” Life”

Keep Moving Forward

I spend a few minutes giving you an update on how each of our animals is doing. Then Liam and I go out to repair that fence, cut up that tree that caused the fence problem, and start work on yet another project. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

These little Piggies Went to Market

Take 2 200+ Lbs pigs who are uncooperative, add a guy who really doesn’t; know what he’s doing, make it rain, add lots of mud and cold, and let the fun begin. This marks the completed cycle of another new animal on our homestead. Based on our “adventures” you might consider this a success orContinue reading “These little Piggies Went to Market”

All About the Pigs – Baby Pig?

This week I found myself staring down the barrel of what do we do next, and so I made some decisions, and I am not sure I made the right choices. Lots of questions about, did I make the right choice? How do we go forward with what we have? Should we cut our lossesContinue reading “All About the Pigs – Baby Pig?”

Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker

We made a decision and sold our remaining goat instead of trying to get him a companion. With the idea that we would switch back to milk goats. Also, we were surprised with the gift of a deer from our neighbour, so what do we do, we make some smoked jerky with a homemade smoker.Continue reading “Goodbye Goat, Hello Smoker”

Greenhouse Build Part 1

Among other things, we got started on our greenhouse. lots of chaos as we get things done around the house, which all the extra turmoil of having a new family member. Kate and I did a little hunting and might have spotted some new wildlife in our woods. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: LivingContinue reading “Greenhouse Build Part 1”

The Great Pig Escape

We have had many adventures along the way, but this is our first time dealing with pigs, and as you might be expected no adventure is complete without pigs escaping. Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website: