The Tale of Two Piglets

For a while now we have been working on finding a boar (male pig) that we could mate with our current female. I have gone back and forth about trying to find a boar to mate with her, or just trying to find a new breeding pair. Trying to find a breeding pair is difficultContinue reading “The Tale of Two Piglets”

New Farm additions

We have some new additions to the farm that we are super excited to share with you. I did notice that the clip that had the names of said additions did not make the video so here are the names: Jimmy Granola Thor Shark Facebook:… INSTAGRAM: Website:

All About the Pigs – Baby Pig?

This week I found myself staring down the barrel of what do we do next, and so I made some decisions, and I am not sure I made the right choices. Lots of questions about, did I make the right choice? How do we go forward with what we have? Should we cut our lossesContinue reading “All About the Pigs – Baby Pig?”

Spring has Sprung… Maybe

Spring is finally starting to poke it’s head out here in our part of the country, and we share some of the natural beauty here, and follow the goats around as they graze. Plus as an added bonus, I share some of my mistakes and lessons learned. Besides any video that starts with a dancingContinue reading “Spring has Sprung… Maybe”