Casualties of War (GreatHites Classic)

Many of the younger members of his audience had been born at this level of gravity so the slow moment required to prevent such an action was in their nature he knew. Not him, he was born on Earth, Earth before the war. With a Promo for Space Casey!

Ten Reasons

The writing prompt for this one was, Give ten good reasons you should not write your life story. And got the first story from another author (text only for that story.)

Some thoughts about a coffee cup

The interruption at @1:20 was my oldest daughter had brought her little sister downstairs. The little one spotted her sippy cup (the one I used in the video) and wanted it back. Bad Dad! You stole the baby’s sippy cup. And Because no post about sippy cups would be complete without a reference to TheContinue reading “Some thoughts about a coffee cup”

5 good reasons to write an article for the Mad Scientist Anthology

There are only a couple of months left to go to get your submissions in for the Mad Scientist Anthology.  Here are some good reasons you should write an article for them.