Goat Splints Pig Chow and Moving Chickens

Just a quick update to let you know what has been going on over the last few days. With help from the kids we got the Chickens moved into their Henhouse the goat’s front leg splinted and, even the pgs seem to be happier with their food. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Great-Hites-… INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/greathites/

Three Steps forward Two steps Back

Some days on the homestead are better than others. While today was a good day in many ways. We got several projects completed, we had family around, not only to help but visiting us and spending time with us, and really the rest of the homestead was running pretty smoothly, we had a setback thatContinue reading “Three Steps forward Two steps Back”

Surprise Animals

Sometimes you say to yourself, “We don’t need another animal.” and sometimes you answer yourself, “But we have this need that said animal could fill.” And you say again to yourself, “But you already have a lot on your plate.” Which of course you answer by saying, “True, but what could one or two moreContinue reading “Surprise Animals”

Mars, the Midwest of Space

Sometimes you have those conversations in the car that just make you laugh. This was just one of those. NASA – Chickens in Space https://www.audubon.org/news/the-amazing-story-cold-war-space-egg-race#:~:text=In%201986%2C%20NASA%20equipped%20the,the%20National%20Science%20Teachers%20Association.

Cheese Failure and Hard Drive Recycling

Some days go better than others, and this is a good example. Our attempt to make cheese failed. But we didn’t let us slow us down. A little be of goat chasing happened and I discuss the evils that are welded fencing, and my mistake if believing it would be ok. Among other things goingContinue reading “Cheese Failure and Hard Drive Recycling”