The Lump Thanks You.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who bought or downloaded a copy of The Lump That ate Long Island. The story was great fun to write. If you enjoyed the story please consider recommending it to one of your friends or family. I have been working on this universe for years, butContinue reading “The Lump Thanks You.”

The Lump That Ate Long Island.

The Lump That ate Long Island is the second in a series of stories that I call Leaving the Cradle. (The first of those being Cargo.). There are about ten stories so far of various lengths in this series, that as I get them finished I will release. I also plan to release the wholeContinue reading “The Lump That Ate Long Island.”

A writing question – do you need a timeline?

Question for all you writers and readers out there: I have a number of short stories that fit into the same universe, but… A) The universe is very large and spread out (huge time line.) B) The stories can really kind of stand on their own without the rest of the universe though there areContinue reading “A writing question – do you need a timeline?”

What in the world have I been up to

This has been kind of an odd week. I don’t do a lot of traveling for work, and most of the time I don’t travel West, at least not very far West. This week however, I traveled about as far West as you can get and still be in the lower 48 states, and cameContinue reading “What in the world have I been up to”

It is Wednesday and I haven’t posted anything yet

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, that I am spread a little thin.  What might surprise some of you is that I stress about things like that a lot.  A lot of stress is coming from my day job.  There is nothing I can do to control that but IContinue reading “It is Wednesday and I haven’t posted anything yet”

On Getting Writing Done

** A side note before I begin the meat of this post. I had the post open and blank for about four hours before I finally got around to writing anything in it. How is that for Irony? I have been struggling to get some writing done lately. Not just the sitting down and puttingContinue reading “On Getting Writing Done”

On Getting Something Done

Don’t let the title of this post confuse you. I didn’t actually finish anything, but I did make a good run at getting something started. As I have mentioned before I get story ideas at odd times, and if I don’t let them out, and write them down then tend to drive me crazy. lastContinue reading “On Getting Something Done”

Keeping Track

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the older I get the more I seem to have to keep track of, and the harder that can be at time. Ok I will pause here for you to insert your jokes about me getting old…. Ok out of your system? Good. SoContinue reading “Keeping Track”

Working out the Kinks of the First Post

Well folks, I have had this site up and open to the public for a number of days, and still have yet to write a first post. That first post on a blog is always the hardest. I mean it very quickly get’s buried, but it really sets the tone for the site. Well, IContinue reading “Working out the Kinks of the First Post”