On Getting Writing Done

** A side note before I begin the meat of this post. I had the post open and blank for about four hours before I finally got around to writing anything in it. How is that for Irony?

I have been struggling to get some writing done lately. Not just the sitting down and putting my fingers on the keyboard, although that has been a struggle as well, but trying to get some of my on going project completed has really difficult. It was getting to the point that I was starting to get discouraged that I even had the ability to finish a story any more. If you have looked at my World Builders Unlimited site, you will see that I have not posted anything there in several weeks, and most of those are only 100 word stories.

Well, this morning I made some progress in that battle. This morning I finished the first draft of one of the stories that I have been working on for about a month now. I am far from satisfied with the final product, but the story now has a beginning a middle and an ending. As they say you can edit anything, but it is impossible to edit nothing. So I am happy with the fact that I now have something to edit.

I am a long way from my writing goals but every step forward is well, a step forward and in the right direction so I will take what I can get. One thing that I have had some luck in writing lately is reviews of stories and books, so look for more of those to come soon.

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