I am Torn About NFP

As I have shared before, my wife and I are NFP Teachers. In the last couple of years something about doing this has been niggling at the back of my mind. I do feel called to help people understand NFP. But It was not until I had a conversation with my wife that I think understood some of what has been eating at me.

Living in the Future – The Pope Addition

Just a couple of quick thoughts about the election of the new Pope. ¬†Obviously I am old enough to remember the election of the last Pope. I am even old enough to have at least been alive for the election of John Paul II, though I was too young to understand it at that point.¬†IContinue reading “Living in the Future – The Pope Addition”

If you Can Understand Just This One Thing

I really love going to Mass and learning something new. Since I have been trying to reading the readings before Mass because I am often distracted by young children, the Homily is pretty much the only part that I have not heard before. We have been incredibly blessed in that we have found several priestsContinue reading “If you Can Understand Just This One Thing”