Living in the Future – The Pope Addition

Picture from Father Roderick Vonhögen
Picture from Father Roderick Vonhögen

Just a couple of quick thoughts about the election of the new Pope.  Obviously I am old enough to remember the election of the last Pope. I am even old enough to have at least been alive for the election of John Paul II, though I was too young to understand it at that point. I remember the not knowing.  I remember waiting for NPR to announce that the white smoke had been spotted.  (Yes, I do listen to NPR.)  


What amazes me most is how much things have changed in just barely 8 years.  8 years ago, I waited for one of the major media outlets to let me know that the new Pope had been elected.  Today, I signed up for a service that will e-mail me and Text me when they spot the white smoke.  I am following several people who either are there them self (Father Roderick Vonhögen) or who know someone there, (Lisa Hendey,) and I could be watching any of the various live video streams of the Sistine Chapel chimney, none of these would be considered major media outlets.  If I wanted to avoid the talking heads totally I could, and really never feel out of the loop.  

Considering my dislike of most of the major media outlets I have to say, this is a step in the right direction.

I love living in the future.

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