I am Torn About NFP

As I have shared before, my wife and I are NFP Teachers. In the last couple of years something about doing this has been niggling at the back of my mind. I do feel called to help people understand NFP. But It was not until I had a conversation with my wife that I think understood some of what has been eating at me.

Laudate – A Tech Review

Updated Laudate Developed by Ayckasoft Is a Free Mobile App for Android Devices and iPhone / iPod Touch This is not really a new application, but I wanted to share it and give you a quick review. Before I found this app, I had a half dozen other apps on my iPod that did variousContinue reading “Laudate – A Tech Review”

A letter to the Bishop.

Well post #3 on my new blog and I am probably going to ruffle some feathers. That didn’t take long. If you don’t know already I live within the Diocese of Rochester. We are a troubled Diocese. If you have any doubt of that you only need read a few of the posts on CleansingContinue reading “A letter to the Bishop.”