If you Can Understand Just This One Thing

I really love going to Mass and learning something new. Since I have been trying to reading the readings before Mass because I am often distracted by young children, the Homily is pretty much the only part that I have not heard before. We have been incredibly blessed in that we have found several priestsContinue reading “If you Can Understand Just This One Thing”

A letter from the Pope

I am going to cheat a little today since I have not had a chance to write all day. I am going to post a letter from the Pope to the United States Bishops. Honestly I don’t know what else I could say other than Woohoo. I can’t add much to this. This is DirectContinue reading “A letter from the Pope”

We are all Catholics Now

I think have gained a new found respect for Glen Beck. Like him or not he makes some really good points. And the reality is that we are still among the biggest churches in the world. What chance does a single congregation have if the government is willing to take on the Catholic Church likeContinue reading “We are all Catholics Now”