Barely Controlled Chaos – Spiderwebs fear and Running

What could they all have in common. Well not as much as you might think.

Barely Controlled Chaos 06/16/21 Plans

First, I can’t believe I forgot it was Captain Picard Day, I might loose my geek card for that. I bet your forgiveness.
Second, I am working hard to try to make things happen around here. I do my best to keep up on the projects, but they don’t always get done.

Barely Controlled Chaos 06/15/21 Beautiful or Busy or Both

Today I talk about the reality of having a small farm. While we are not as busy as some I can see it coming, and I am trying to take the time now to enjoy it while I can.

Barely Controlled Chaos 06/14/21 – Let’s get this week started

Talking about what a great weekend we had and how nice it was to take a break this weekend.

Get to Work Pigs

This is the busy time of year for us, and everyone has a job, this includes the new baby pigs, so we put them work. They are going to help us get our garden tilled up.

Barely Controlled Chaos 06/02/21 – A Little Adventure

Last night we managed to get something that we had been looking for since we moved here.

The “Dreaded” To-Do List

There are always things that need to get done around here. Sometimes the list is pretty long, sometimes it grows as you go along.

So, you see my kids working in these videos. They are often very helpful, they also often make mistakes. Sometimes these things slow us down, but I feel like it is important for them to learn these things.


Praying the Rosary


I am not a theologian!

I do not have any special training!

I am using a guide while I lead you through this.

I am just a guy who wanted to share the Rosary with you.

For a long time I have felt drawn to sharing parts of my faith, but have had reservations. I have decided to be bold and share. This is my first attempt at a recorded prayer. I hope you enjoy it.

As I say in the video and above, I am far from an expert. for more information and details I have shared some links to things that you might find helpful below.

I do some explanation before I start the rosary, So if you want to just pray the rosary it starts at about 8:14 there is a helpful link to that spot in the description of the video.

How to pray the Rosary –
Cord Rosary –
Bead Rosary –
Rosary History – More Rosary History –
Why we pray the Rosary Or Where to buy a rosary:

These Little Pigs

Because the pigs we bought for breeding, don’t seem to be breeding, our breeding program has not gotten off the ground so we needed to take a “bold” step.


Barely Controlled Chaos 05/24/21 – Managing Expectations

We had a very busy weekend, too much crammed into too little time, and that was all my fault. Trying to figure out how balance that has been the bane of my existence lately.

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