Living in the Wild.

We don’t actually live in the wild. It is not like we don’t have electricity or flush toilets or anything. We live in a house just like a good number of you. With all the normal amenities. But sometimes it can feel a bit wild. This morning was one of those mornings.

This morning I came downstairs. I am normally the first one up in the morning, and to my surprise it sounded like there was someone else up. To add to that, many of the lights were on. This by itself does not mean anything, if you live with teenagers you understand their aversion to turning off lights. But it did sound like someone else was up.

I have learned my lesson, of living with three black belts, two brown belts and many other children who are also trained in martial arts to some level, you don’t startle them. So I came downstairs and just walked into the eat-in kitchen like normal. To my surprise, there was no one there.

I am not a morning person so despite the fact that I was awake and upright, It took me a moment to take in what I was seeing. The garage door leading into the house was open. At first my heart started to beat faster. There had been a noise. I didn’t see anyone, I still heard the noise and the garage door is open.

Let’s back up for a moment. Our kitchen counters are set up like a “U” so there are parts of the kitchen proper that you can’t see until you are in the kitchen. So my anxiety was a bit high, but not too high I mean really what would someone be doing in our kitchen rummaging around in our cupboards. Did the dishwasher repairman come in the middle of the night to fix the dishwasher that has never worked quite right?

I took a hesitant step further. The noise sounded odd.

Now, we raise animals for various reasons. The reasons are not the important part here. But we do keep them out of the house. They are not pets, they are farm animals. You will occasionally see us bring one or two of the baby goats into the house, but that is in an attempt to get them used to humans. Several of the adult goats we have are not mean to humans, but they don’t like them, so they run away all the time. We want them to come to us, for other reasons than food, or at least not run away. That is another story. The point is that for the most part, our animals don’t come in the house, and they normally are supposed to be in their own areas. Goats in their enclosure and chickens in their coop.

I took a step closer to the kitchen, still a bit nervous because I could not see what was making the noise. As I rounded the corner, I spotted them. About a dozen of our laying hens had gotten out of their coop, and into the garage during the night, and apparently the last of the kids to come in in the evening didn’t check to make sure the door was latched, so now we had chickens, that were not ready to eat, in our kitchen!

It took a couple of minutes and more than one pass, but I eventually did get them out of the house. For those of you, who sometimes ask, this is what our life is like.


Dimensional Abscesses: edited by Jeffrey Hite & Michell Plested

Check out this wonderful review of our book, Dimensional Abscesses from our friends over at Tree Slices.


via <i>Dimensional Abscesses</i>: edited by Jeffrey Hite & Michell Plested

New Author – Introducing Aaron Kite

We are so very excited about this new book and the new author.

Evil Alter Ego Press

We have some exciting news.

Author Aaron Kite, has joined our little team here at Evil Alter Ego Press.  This spring we will be releasing his first book, Two Cats.  So you get to know him a bit better, before we release this great book, we asked him a few questions.

Tell us a little about yourself. 
Well, I’m an artist and writer who just decided one day that he wanted to write about something that wasn’t a humanities essay or art history study, and took a stab at writing fiction instead. The two activities are not as dissimilar as they might seem, as it turns out. You tend to make up a lot of stuff…

Where are you from? 
I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba originally, but I got fed up with the place by the age of three and convinced my parents to move west to Calgary, Alberta. Been living…

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The Jester (The Riyria Chronicles #2.5) – Review

The Jester (The Riyria Chronicles #2.5)The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Michael J. Sullivan, delivers an excellent story.
This, story falls between the first two major series and features Royce and Hadrian. It is exactly what you have come to expect from the pair.
This is a great short story and wonderful diversion.

I got the audiobook copy Narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, and he did a wonderful job.

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The Fountain Has been Shortlisted

Evil Alter Ego Press is pleased to announce, Suzy Vadori’s debut Young Adult Novel, The Fountain, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Prix Aurora Award. A short blurb about the book: Ava Marshall, dr…

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Timelines in Star Trek

I have many thoughts about the various timelines in Star Trek. Really, if you know me, I have many thoughts about Star Trek in general but let’s stick to the topic at hand.

There is a lot to be said for the new timeline that was created by J. J. Abrams. It is a fresh new look at Star Trek that allows new actors to play the parts of our beloved characters. And that can be a really good thing. Not only that, but the new, young actors, and fresh stories allows a new younger generation of viewers to enjoy Star Trek without having to watch the hundreds and hundreds of hours of shows, and 10 previous movies, just know what is going on.

Having said that, I think one of the problems with this new timeline and the new movies, thus far, is that they live in a universe where great things have happened. In another timeline. For other people. With other histories. So while there are a lot things that are similar and there probably is a rich history behind it. We don’t really know what it is.

In a very similar way to the sets in TOS (The Original Series) the new movies feel like a movie set. Everything looks great, it looks all futuristic and fancy, so fancy that it hurts your eyes to look at it. But you know that if you look behind that rock, If you lift up that PADD, or open that door, what you are going to find is an empty parking lot, a painted cereal box, or the outside of the set. TOS_2x10_MirrorMirror0002-Trekpulse[1]

While when we watched TOS, we were willing to forgive the sets and props, these new stories feel artificial. Yes, I have seen the articles that say, if you are going to complain about the new movies, go watch TOS and then come back. And I hear that. I understand what they are saying. I really do. There were many episodes of TOS / TNG / DS9 / Voyager and Enterprise that were very rough. That is true of pretty much any series. I want to make it clear that I am not saying that the new movies were terrible, or that they should not be watched, or even that they were not really Star Trek. (I have other comments about their of story telling choices but that is another discussion) What I am saying is simply this. Right now they feel hollow.




They feel hollow because, while there are in the Star Trek universe, they also aren’t in Star Trek Universe, and because of that, they don’t have all the history built through the previous series. The fans who have spent the time watching all the original timeline series and movies are expecting that fullness, that history and it isn’t there. Right now, that makes them feel hollow.

There is hope for the future. The new Star Trek series is supposed to be set in this, new timeline, and that should help with some of the hollowness. The hope is, just like every successive Star Trek series and movie looked and felt more put together, more full and ultimately more like a full universe, that as this new series and the new movie come out, they will add the the richness of this new time line. That once that have started to fill in this new timeline with new stories, we won’t all be looking for the timeline restoration device. AT least not as much any more.

images from and Memory Alpha

A New Chapter for Evil Alter Ego Press

We are very excited about this new book, and the addition of Suzy Vadori to our little family.

Evil Alter Ego Press

mplestedWell, actually it would be more accurate to say, “A New Novel for Evil Alter Ego Press”, but the sentiments are the same.  In this case the new novel/chapter is The Fountain by Suzy Vadori.

When we formed Evil Alter Ego Press we always intended to bring in new, exciting authors. What we hadn’t planned is to find someone so awesome so quickly.

Suzy Vadori is, to put it mildly, a force of nature. She is a great writer AND she has a terrific handle on promotion and what is necessary to make a book successful. That is a terrific one-two punch any author would be fortunate to have in their kit bag.

View More: debut novel, The Fountain is the story of Ava who moves across the country to go to the same school attended by her parents. She hopes to learn more about her mother’s past but is instead…

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Meet the Author, Suzy Vadori

My Alter Ego and I have been very busy of late getting books ready for publication among other things.

We Sat Down with our debut author, Suzy Vadori, to talk about her new book, and to learn a little more about her.

Source: Meet the Author, Suzy Vadori

What I drink when I drink in the winter

What I drink when I drink in the winter Glühwein

Trailer for Scout Of the Apocalypse

Today, I would like to bring you something I am extremely proud of. This is the trailer for a book that, while I didn’t write it, I had a hand in making sure that it got published.

This is a great middle grade novel, with just the right amount of “scare” to make it a proper zombie story, while keeping it about the scouts and not the zombies which makes it just that much better.

If you know me personally, you might recognize the scouts and zombies.

If you enjoy the trailer please consider getting a copy of the book. You can find it here.