Praying the Rosary

NOTE: I am not a theologian! I do not have any special training! I am using a guide while I lead you through this. I am just a guy who wanted to share the Rosary with you. For a long time I have felt drawn to sharing parts of my faith, but have had reservations.Continue reading “Praying the Rosary”

Happiness and Trepidation

But my wife did something that reminded me that this is a reason to be joyful. She started telling people. She started telling them and letting them know how happy we were. And we are, and I am. So welcome to the world my little one. We can’t wait to meet you.
– Love Dad

A visit to a Priest and some thoughts from another one

Today I took my oldest son to talk with our former parish priest. Why? Not because he was in any kind of trouble or anything, but because he has expressed some interest in becoming a priest himself. And while I want to encourage him in his the best person to talk to about it is,Continue reading “A visit to a Priest and some thoughts from another one”