Praying the Rosary


I am not a theologian!

I do not have any special training!

I am using a guide while I lead you through this.

I am just a guy who wanted to share the Rosary with you.

For a long time I have felt drawn to sharing parts of my faith, but have had reservations. I have decided to be bold and share. This is my first attempt at a recorded prayer. I hope you enjoy it.

As I say in the video and above, I am far from an expert. for more information and details I have shared some links to things that you might find helpful below.

I do some explanation before I start the rosary, So if you want to just pray the rosary it starts at about 8:14 there is a helpful link to that spot in the description of the video.

How to pray the Rosary –
Cord Rosary –
Bead Rosary –
Rosary History – More Rosary History –
Why we pray the Rosary Or Where to buy a rosary:

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