GreatHites 19

Originally posted on Sept 24, 2008 Download GreatHites19 Audio This week we gladly welcome back Anima Zabalada with her submission for this week’s challenge. You can find more from her at This week I am still having trouble getting my life under control so I don’t have an audio recording yet. Sorry folks, itContinue reading “GreatHites 19”

Just Sleeping Through It

I have been incredibly tired all this week, and I don’t know for sure why. I thought it first it might be the meds I was taking to help with the massive poison ivy that I got a few weeks ago, but I have been taking those for a while now and the dosage isContinue reading “Just Sleeping Through It”

Surprise! The Madness is Loose

We are going full force as if it were June 1. Believe me we already looking into adjusting the calendar, but Superman was not available to do the spiny Earth Trick and said something about it being against his code, the Enterprise was busy correcting it’s own time line mistakes, and Dr Who was well, he was last sighted going to a police box, presumably to call the cops on us.