Just Sleeping Through It

DSC02308I have been incredibly tired all this week, and I don’t know for sure why. I thought it first it might be the meds I was taking to help with the massive poison ivy that I got a few weeks ago, but I have been taking those for a while now and the dosage is going down so that should not be it. But whatever the reason it is having some very odd side effects.

One of those side effects is the way my mind tends to wander when I am really tired.

For example. A little while ago I tweeted something about how I was so tired I think I slept during my run this morning. In truth, I am pretty sure that I didn’t sleep through it because the whole time my mind was coming up with weird things. But then again maybe It was because I was dreaming.

Plot BunniesI live in the middle of a bunch of farm fields. Literally. If you look at my house on Google (and no I am not providing a link there) you will see one or two other houses but mostly there are farm fields everywhere. Yes, that means that most of the time it is very quiet where we live. It also means that we see a good deal of wild life, I often see deer and other animals out when I’m running. It is really kind of nice.

I tell you this not to brag but so that I can set this next part up, and demonstrate just how odd my mind really is.

This morning, as I ran past a wheat field I saw a deer stick it’s head up out of the field. The wheat is tall enough that I could only see it’s neck and head. At that point my mind started working.

  • Hey it is the Loch Ness deer?
  • or should it be the deer Ness Monster?
  • Loch wheat Monster?
  • No, no the Wheat wheat deer Monster? (because we live near a town that has wheat in the name)
  • Then remembering a silly picture I saw, there is a woodchuck hiding in the wheat holding a puppet deer head up thinking , “Stupid humans will believe anything.”
  • Then I remembered a study I read a few years ago about grazing animals and how they would take turns looking out while the rest of the heard ate.
  • I bet there are a ton of them out there.
  • The deer is now whispering to me.  “I am legion”
  • Vampire deer. – no no that is just silly.
  • 500x313xLoch-Ness-Monster.jpg.pagespeed.ic.iC8-zfIl22[1]

  • What if you hired deer to look out for you.
  • I bet deer are cheap to hire as look outs
  • Deer as minions (are deer that smart?)
  • What if you just have your minions stand out in a field holding puppet deer heads up and be look outs.
  • But why would you do that?   Why would they be in the field?
  • Your lair is under the field.  No one expects an evil layer in the middle of farm country
  • And they don’t have to be minions holding up deer heads.  They could be periscopes that look like deer heads then you could see if any one was running by at 5 am before you fire off your rocket car.
  • Periscopes are really cool
  • I wonder what the guy on the other end of that deer looking periscope is thinking right now.  Probably I wish he would run faster so I could run out for my mocha in my rocket car.
  • Man I am thinking about this way too much.
  • Cows too. I mean they are all over the place out here, and they are big enough you could hide a mobile computer platform in them and have eyes.
  • A 486 Beowulf cow cluster. (No that is just silly)
  • Powered by methane gas!!!!! YES! an eco friendly mad scientist.

By then my run was over. But these Ideas have not stopped all day, and as the day has gone on it just get’s weirder. I think I have enough crazy Mad Scientist ideas for a whole other book just from my run this morning.

from amazon
from amazon

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