Barely Controlled Chaos 02/01/21 – Perceived Reality

Sometimes we see things one way and assume that is really the way it is when the truth is that if you look at it from a different point of view, you see something totally different. Today I talk about the two forms of the Mass the Ordinary form and Traditional Latin Mass. For thoseContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 02/01/21 – Perceived Reality”

Barely Controlled Chaos 01/17/21 Zeal

I tried hard to talk about zeal, while I work on dinner and my kids interrupt me. By the way, yes I missed posting a video yesterday. Only 18 days into the year and I have already missed one. I went through the whole day thinking Sunday was the 18th and it was not untilContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 01/17/21 Zeal”