Barely Controlled Chaos 04/15/2021 – Feeding People

I have been thinking a lot about next steps. We are not there yet, but I have done more planning here, than I have ever done, and therefore I have been thinking about what we do once we can feed ourselves, and transition to feeding others (selling some of out excess)

Stay Safe Out there.

I had a little incident this week that got me thinking about safety. Having spent time as a safety professional, (a person whose job it was to help figure out how to keep people safe) this is often on my mind. But I did that thing that was not safe and realized how quickly thingsContinue reading “Stay Safe Out there.”

Barely Controlled Chaos 04/01/21 – Holy Thursday

This Year Holy Thursday lands on April fools day. So first, be aware the it is April Fool’s day and don’t be fooled. And second, I ramble on for a while about Holy week and specifically Holy Thursday. Despite the fact that I don’t like April Fool’s day pranks, my camera played on on meContinue reading “Barely Controlled Chaos 04/01/21 – Holy Thursday”

Spring Planting – Garden Boxes

This week, we are working on our garden boxes and getting our garden planted. While we didn’t get the head start we were hoping to with the greenhouse, it is still getting used. Plus we had some other adventures. Facebook:​… INSTAGRAM:​ Website: