The Spices of Life

One of the things that I am really happy about when things like this come up, is that my kids really are not picky eaters. Sure each of them have those things they don’t like, and they almost always groan if I make oatmeal more than one a week, but for the most part there is almost nothing they won’t eat.

How I meet Their Mother – A Date with my Wife

The silence was broken when I said, “You know, I think the last time we when to Red Lobster you threw up.” A moment of thoughtful silence
“Wow, that date was before child #1. And I have thrown up so many time since then that I had forgotten about that.”
“Well I am glad we are now measuring time in numbers of time you have thrown up.”

Visiting The Magi

As I said I got to see a great many wonderful things. Among those was the Cathedral in Koln. As a child I only saw it once. I have since been back there and seen it again, but it did not change the way that I saw it. You know that feeling when you see something big as a child and then see it again when you are older and it does not look so big? That was not the case with this Cathedral, if anything it looked bigger and more impressive to me. And made me feel smaller.

The 12:30 Saturday Home Depot Run

Today is the day that we normally try to get all out the work done around the house. During the summer that means that we also have outside chores to do. I don’t think that this is all that unusual. About 10:30 I started to realize that I was going to need to go toContinue reading “The 12:30 Saturday Home Depot Run”

Where the heck have I been

As a bit of a companion to the post from yesterday, and because I wanted to put some of these pictures up. I decided I would tell you were I have been. The reason I was here officially ended about 2pm Friday afternoon. So this afternoon into this evening I had some time to kill.Continue reading “Where the heck have I been”

How to get your wife pregnant

I think I have finally figured out the mystery. So guys pay attention. Now understand this is second hand knowledge but it makes as much sense as anything else I have heard. The other day one of my wife’s friends said she saw us holding hands and looking sweet. Then commented, “I bet I amContinue reading “How to get your wife pregnant”

Keeping Track

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the older I get the more I seem to have to keep track of, and the harder that can be at time. Ok I will pause here for you to insert your jokes about me getting old…. Ok out of your system? Good. SoContinue reading “Keeping Track”