At the Beginning of the Journey

Anillos[1]I saw a great saying yesterday, it was one of those pictures with words over it supposed to be inspirational or something like that. To be honest most of the time I just skip over these pictures because, either they are super sappy, or they are offensive. This one was different, and it kind of struck a cord. Maybe I am just becoming a sentimental sap or maybe it is just that this one is a great reminder today.

Why today? Romeo_Juilet Well it is going to sound kind of silly but 22 years ago today, the woman who would one day be my wife and I started our life together. At the time we were young. We didn’t know a heck of a lot, and we certainly didn’t know what was coming. But that day we started our journey together anyway.

I am probably going to loose some guy credits here, and that is ok because I will more than likely will make them up in husband credits. I will be honest here guys, the husband credits are much more important.

Yes, this is our dating anniversary. And yes, it has been 22 years since that faithful day, and yes, we have been married for the last 17 years and yes, I still keep track of this day. Because it is rather important.

That day, the woman (thought at the time she was really still a girl) started to changed my life. And she has been changing it every since. It was not a whirl wind romance, or anything like that. We spent only a short time together until life took us apart. We spent several years getting together only once or twice a year, and learning about each other through the mail. You know, real mail, envelopes and stamps and stuff.

But today is not really about that. Today is about a kiss. It is about a first kiss, how it all got started, and everything that has happened since. It is a long story, but the short version is this. Life with her has not always been easy, but it has always been great, we have had some incredible high spots, and some lows along the way. We have always tried to deal with everything that has been thrown our way, together. She has been my strength when I needed it, and I hope that I have been there for her. But no matter what has happend, or will happen, I hope that we get to spend the rest of our long lives together.

This last year has been rough, I don’t know how I could have made it though it without your strength. I wish we could have skipped parts of this year, but I am glad that I was by your side.

Thank you my dear for my life so far. I hope to have many more happy years with you. I also hope I am a better kisser now than I was that day.
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