Kind of Quiet Lately

I know, I know I started off going great guns, one some times even two posts in a day, and then for the last 5 days or so I think I have managed one or two posts total. Not the best way to run things. I hate to say, “hey I was busy” but, hey I was busy. The worst part, my day job is about to spiral out of control for the next week, and I don’t know when I will have any time to post. But we will see.

So what have I managed to do:

Well, on a note of things that I didn’t expect, I got a reply for the Bishops office. It was quite positive. So I was pretty happy about that. I don’t suspect that anything will really change but hey I can hope.

As you can see by my last post, I have managed to get some stories read. I will have a few more reviews going up in the next few days, of stories that I have read and have dragging my feet on getting reviewed. Not that the reviews or the stories were or will be bad, just that I never quite know what to say in a review. With that said look for a few more reviews in the near future.

As I said at the opening, I have been busy. My time at the keyboard is limited so it is a balancing act to get everything that I want in. Lately my story writing time has been suffering a bit, some from too much to do and some from a lack of confidence in what I was able to do. But on that note yesterday I started a new story, and by the end of the day I was able to crank out 2300 words. Not legendary or anything but still not bad. The current working title of the story I think is a lot of fun, “The Lump That ate Marcia from New York.” I am thinking that the story will go for another thousand words or so, and I hope to have it ready for publication in a week or so.

I have made a little progress on two other stories that I am working on but not enough to really talk about. I am afraid one of them is going to have to go on the back burner for a while so that I can develop the ideas behind it, but I have not closed the door on it.

Last, but not least. Last night I got to interview Sarah Reinhard of Snoring Scholar as a part of the Galley Table from Flying Island press. I hope to have the audio from that interview up later today, and I will link to it from here. I will also post a review of her new book, “Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless” up here soon.

So as you can see I have had a lot going on, but I hope that things will start to calm down in the near future.


One thought on “Kind of Quiet Lately

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Take your time as we will all be here, when you post again. We must do what we must do with balance. I cut my post down to three times a week now, and has been going quite well. Has freed up a lot of my time, so I understand. God Bless, SR

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