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For those of you who have been following me for a while you will remember that I started out my internet presence with a podcast called GreatHites. This was a short fiction podcast, where I provided prompts and some how managed to talk other writers into writing, recording and sharing those stories with me.

The audio for this podcast has been off line for some time now. Way back in 2008 when I started this I was hosting the audio on what was state of the art technology from about 1996, a compaq proliant 3000 Dual 550. That server is still in use at my house albeit, the last time I used it was as a saw horse. That will become important in a moment.

As I said the audio was off line for a while, I still get clicks on the website and well I thought it was about time that I re-posted the audio. So that is what I am going to do. Twice a week, probably Monday’s and Wednesday’s I will post one of the old episodes, text and audio in their original form.

The unfortunate part (and this is where my proliant comes into the picture) after several rebuilds and years of being offline, some of the audio has gone missing. Not a lot of it mind you but a few episodes through out the podcast, just aren’t there anymore. So if any of you still have copies of some of these episodes please let me know.

I said original from. I toyed with the idea of remastering these, then decided not to. I like these the way they are. Not that they are great, but they are from the past. They are where some of us got started, and I think that some of that is kind of important. So you are going to hear varying audio quality, varying reading ability and varying story telling ability.

A Note on the storytelling. The way this podcast worked, was that I gave a prompt one week, and the authors had one week to read the prompt, write a story about it and then record that story and send it in. That is a very short window. That means these stories are not perfect, but you know what? The stories are pretty darn fantastic all things considered.

If you are starting from the beginning, the stories, the audio quality, all of it is a bit rough, and sometimes I hesitate to even post it, but it does get better.

And so it begins. Get ready for Great Hites. The “Hite” of podcast fiction.
To see all the GreatHites Episodes Click Here

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