The Lump That Ate Long Island

The Lump That ate Long Island

Crewman Marcia (Long Island) March is new to the Earth battle fleet, and already she is having trouble. The lump in her mattress is making it hard for her to sleep, but her bunk mates and the officers on the Petra all think she is crazy. When her OOD finds her in the head after lights out she realizes this is going to be a long voyage for her. It will be an even longer one for the crew of the Petra when they learn how dangerous that lump is to all of them.

The Lump That Ate Long Island_ 2.egg_10421

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The Lump that Ate Long Island is one of the stories in the Leaving the Cradle series

In 2047 humans finally left the Earth. In 2059, when the First Martian Colony claims independence, they find that even the vast gulfs of space won’t stop them making war on each other.

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